Market Directly to Customers:
QR Coupons, Push Offers, and Geolocation.


Spectrum is not just feature rich; it also delivers undeniable value to the vendor. Spectrum builds a database of users, enables direct marketing access to them via attractive geographically sensitive promotions, and provides the vendor with measurable results. Measurable results, in turn, mean the ability to watch your market and tailor future promotions for the greatest return on investment and customer satisfaction.




iOS boasts an attractive audience to marketers that tends to reflect more highly engaged mobile media users. With Spectrum’s advanced colour selection and application functions, we are able to seamlessly link an audience excited about the potential they’ve created, with the vendor’s brand. Not just while they’re at home, but specifically, in store, at point of sale with the use of our location based promotion features.




For example, a customer sees QR code in-store, enticed by an instant discount, downloads the app.



From that point in time, we can send push notification offers, news or catalogues, and notify the user of upcoming events or new features we add over time.


 Furthermore we've incorporated the ability to add those coupons to passbook automatically and have those coupons pop-up on the user’s lock screen when they’re in or near a store (or, if they’re in a competitor’s store, offer them a discount to come back to the vendor). 
*Custom Vendor option by Request.



Find a pro: save time.


To top it all off, we give users the power to discover professional trades in their area, and send through an enquiry straight through. Rather than fighting through the Yellow pages, consumers can browse nearby painting contractors approved by the vendor. They can see their branding, spiel and contact details and request a quote and a consultation in just a few taps.

Spectrum provides a unique channel through which professional trades can directly market to the consumer and build their brand alongside respected vendors. Simply another way that Spectrum connects consumers, professionals and the vendor through powerful, fun technology