MySpectrum Designer

Push Notifications.

For example, are group of Designers are assembled at a Colour launch. At a point in the keynote, the presenter asks those who have Spectrum {designer} to look down at their phones. Right on their lock screen is a notification “A gift bag of the latest in Colour Tech is yours, grab it on your way out".

Suddenly, every designer in the room is signing up to MySpectrum, and we’re in their pocket. With that notification, we can push out the latest colour palettes, new features or new designer schemes to accompany that evening’s announcements; greater interactivity on every level is the reason Spectrum is the most powerful marketing tool ever developed for the paint industry.

Colour Chips.

MySpectrum, combined with the project management interface, mean that once they've assembled a design they're happy with, the designer has the power to order colour chips specifically for it. Not only does the app provide an immersive colour curation experience, but it also provides a way to experience the final design in real-life.

Not limited to project colours, designers have the power to order colour chips straight from the interactive fan deck. A simple and straightforward way to pick out just the appealing colours, and have their selection shipped right to their door.

Working for, and with designers. This is mySpectrum.