Step 2: Creation


Curated Projects.

Once we’ve selected inspiration images, the interactive project pane is perfect for creating appealing colour harmonies, integrated from the vendor’s colour range.

The project image forms the hub for project colour inspiration. This enables the designer to articulate colours along side an image that confirms the palettes success.

The beautiful project pane presents the designers work in a unique and persuasive presentation for both the designers personal records, sharing of their ideas, and direct communication with clients.

Digital Fandeck.

This digital fandeck is the perfect tool for finding colour.
With a lifetime of colour development under our belt, this a uniquely playful way to explore the Vendor’s paint range. Built as a way to explore the latest hues released by the vendor, the library of colours is connected to a CMS backend; this means the vendor can update the colour range remotely, and notify the user with a simple push notification.

Of course, each appealing colour chip can be favourited to a project – once there, they can apply them to a photo using ‘Paint a Photo’ or drop them straight onto a project pane.