Step 3: Export


The final step is where Designer reveals its true power. Where creating a mood board, colour gallery and even a visualisation of the colour combinations would in the past have required photoshop and a week’s worth of effort,
now the only challenge is a creative one. 



In project view, the designer can pin any image or colour chip to their Pinboards. Rather than replacing their existing Pinterest workflow, this app is designed to work with it, so in addition to being able to pull image from Pinterest during curation, we can also send everything we've created back to Pinterest during export.


Each project can be exported as a Vendor branded email to clients, consisting of the mood board that inspired the colour choices, digital colour chips of those choices, and even a visualisation of what those colours will look like in a real life. 

PDF Export.

As an optional In-App Purchase, we give the designer the option to export everything they compiled for the project into a branded .PDF design document, detailing the inspiration mood board, visualisation of what the colour will look like, and of course the vendor’s specific, branded and coded colour chips.